What is Facebook Live?

Every Tuesday at 4:30pm on Facebook at material magic studio we do a live broadcast and show and sell new fabric/patterns/notion, mystery 1-yard cuts and 3-yard bundles. We even have special sales and deals for those that join us live. If you watch from farther away, we will ship your order for free.

What? Facebook Live Sale

When? Tuesday @ 4:30pm

Where? https://www.facebook.com/materialmagicstudio

More details: We start with remnants. That is end of bolts that are under 2 yards and miss-cuts. We offer these at 30% off. We letter these with the alphabet and to bid you would type sold and the letter. Example Sold D. Keep in mind you need to be the first claim received at our computer.

We move to new things on our design wall. Patterns, panels, samples, news and more. We usually have multiple of each. Sometimes there are discount panels and patterns. All of the board is numbered. (Example Sold 12)

Then Mystery 1-yard cuts. we pick 10 different fabrics and cut 1 yard off of each, place them in a bag and mark down 30%. We number these so you need to be the 1st to claim by typing sold and the number. Example Sold 24.

We move onto the table and show new fabrics and precuts as well as some discount bolts from time to time. We number these so if you claim them, you will need to let us know how much you want. Example Sold 42  2 yards,

End of Bolts are next. These are the last of the bolt that measures more than 2 yards and less than 4 yards. We keep the amount on the bolt a mystery but offer you 40% off the retail price. You take all on the bolt and we let you know the amount the next day.

Invoicing: I go through the lists taken during the live and create a handwritten invoice of your items. I then snap a pic for you with your total and send it to you over Facebook Messenger. Once I get a thumbs up or ok then I will email you an invoice if you're out of the area and ship after payment is received. If you are local, I will have your order ready for pick up. Please pick up before the following Tuesday's live show.

Disclaimer...everyone's internet speed is different. This is all for fun. Sometimes you will get it, sometimes you won't. When you type your claim, you will always show up first on your own computer, but not necessarily be the first to come in on our end. I have someone watching the live and writing stuff down. and I am calling out the winners as we get them. Unless something is a remnant/end of bolt, I should have more in the store. So, if you don't win something, you could still ask for some.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook so you can be alerted when we go live. We sometimes have a live open the box, so it's nice to have those alerts.