Hey all. I thought maybe I’d tell you about what has been going on. On Thursday Dec 5th I had a Tummy Tuck lower body lift. WHAT? Yep. Some of you have been wondering what i actually had done. So after having kids, I was left with an “apron” of skin. I also have lost about 60 lbs, with that combined I had some skin that didn’t need to be there. I finally found a doctor early this year that was willing to help me with a breast reduction (in May) and to remove this skin. She also suggested that she re-attach the stretched out 6 pack muscle (I still don’t think Ill ever see that hahahah) and she suggested a lower body lift. Sure do it why not. This was a butt lift (ha ha) and some liposuction to smooth out the back fat lumps. Sounds goo right. So this took me months to play with insurance and with trouble getting a surgery date. Surgery was to be performed by 2, my Dr and her intern. Well she comes in and starts drawing all over me in purple and says well her intern called in sick so the surgery will take a little longer. WOW I was told 8 hrs originally. I’m thinking at this point I wont hit recovery till about 5 pm. Well I was out about 2:15. Someone came into assist and she is just that good. So tomorrow is 2 weeks from surgery and I feel really good. I still have pain don’t misunderstand me. But I can function. I left the hospital with 5 drains and I’m down to 2. This means that I can shower by myself now, wear pants (Yay) I’ve even driven my car although I probably shouldn’t have. I’ve also been instructed to walk 1/4 to 1/2 a mile a day.

So how do I fill my days that are usually at the shop… Well sleep the first couple days and watch way to much TV. Netflix and amazon prime video have saved my sanity somewhat. I’ve binged 2 programs and watched about 5 movies. Downside, my butt is numb from sitting so much. Today I’m attempting to make an in the hoop bag on my new Baby Lock Journey. This has turned into an all day pre-cutting and sewing before I even get to the assembly. I’ve taken a break from all the stand up sit down stuff and thought I should clue you all into whats been happening. If you have questions or want more detail, please drop me a note.


2 thoughts on “Recovery”

  1. Jamie:

    I am glad to hear you are doing well. What they did sounds super major. I know you are missed at the shop, but don’t rush. It will be there when you get back.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    Take Care

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