Our new life, or life as we now know it

Good morning, I just got to work today! I made the hard decision Monday to close the doors to normal traffic customers. That means only you or the people you arrived with in the store a time. I will unlock the doors for you to come in and disinfect after you leave before I let another person or group inside. This makes me sad but I want to protect you as much as me. I drove in later today because I don’t have to be “open” right at 10. This is my observations, they highways have very light traffic, and when i turned into the strip mall to get my coffee…there were like 4 cars. this little strip mall’s parking sucks and is usually full and overflowing into the back of the buildings. You know I read all these books set in weird periods of time and disasters, I feel like I’m in a book come to life. It is starting to look and feel scary. We went to stock up at the store on meat for the freezer and snacks and Fred Meyer was out of almost all of my list, Walmart didn’t have any either (low on peanut butter and snacks and meat).

Ok, Im getting weirded out here. So onto funner stuff. I want to do a quilt along. I’ve picked a pattern but don’t know the first place to start here. I hear I need links or to do a video blog or just normal blog. Im not sure how to get all the people that want to participate to join what ever place I decide to host it. Ugh so many questions. If you have participated in a quilt along, call the shop and tell me how it worked please. Im going to try and be here semi normal hours. I might close early except for Mondays when I do the live post at 5:30.

Ok, don’t forget I will deliver your purchases either to your car in our parking lot or to your house on Mondays. Don’t hesitate to ask if I can help in some way. If I can, I will.

Keep quilting everyone, Im cutting kits for the current BOM and then Ill be working on the shop sample for the next BOM. I will share that often and share the remodle of my thoughts and progress on that.

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