covid sewing

Hey everyone. I havent written in a while, and Im sorry about that. I think i need to write a list of all these little things to touch basis with everyone. So everyone in the world has been affected by covid 19 in some way. Im basically closed. I still go in on our regularlly open days but try to close about 2. I will take video or pictures and text them or email them to you. Its different, but has been working. I will then take payment over the phone or paypal invoice. Sometimes orders from locals will come in over etsy and I can deliver to your car in the lot, or home delivery on mondays. Delivery area is scappoose, warren, st helens, and columbia city. OK work is out of the way, How are you doing? Is this for real? WOW! Here I sit in my almost empty new sewing room at home trying to sew some masks for my household. I cant find any of my stuff. However, I have the music on and the dogs are asleep all over the room. Im starting to get a feel for how it will be when its done.

So how are you staying in touch with your family and friends. I had a facebook messenger video call with my bestie today, It was so nice. You should try it. Are you sewing with all your free time? I know some are gardening. What else are you all doing. I can tell you Ive been stuffing my face. I need some sort of shock collar around neck and wrist. If i go to put food i my mouth or scratch my nose, I get a shock. hahaha new money maker. Ok, Just wanted you all to know I have been thinking about you all. Im gonns sew some more.

Miss Youi


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