covid sewing

Hey everyone. I havent written in a while, and Im sorry about that. I think i need to write a list of all these little things to touch basis with everyone. So everyone in the world has been affected by covid 19 in some way. Im basically closed. I still go in on our regularlly …

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Hey there everyone. Im working on my list of 10 UFO’s to complete this year. Im part of a group challenge for ufo’s. Do you guys do anything with friends? We went so far as to require you to put your yuckiest ufo on number 3. That way when #3 is called, we all suffer. …

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1st Full Day

Thursday I spent the whole day at the shop. I did well and was happy to see everyone. Lots of hugs. I promise I did not lift or cut fabric. I was there to help with the computer Point Of Sale. Christine doesn’t know the new system so I was a back up there. I …

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Hey all. I thought maybe I’d tell you about what has been going on. On Thursday Dec 5th I had a Tummy Tuck lower body lift. WHAT? Yep. Some of you have been wondering what i actually had done. So after having kids, I was left with an “apron” of skin. I also have lost …

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