Hey everyone, we have a new website. I had to do an emergency new set up and fill of a site. Etsy use to host our site and they dropped the ball and made us look insecure so here we are. The new site allows me to add customer rewards (although I don't have that completely figured out yet. One nice feature is a pick up in store option when you check out. There are so many features of this site that we haven't figured them all out. Let us know if you find any missing pictures or broken links. If you have a favorite feature from another site, let me know about it and Ill see if its something we can do. We will also be listing the new fabrics here first before listing them on the Etsy shop. Tula Pink just arrived, so look for that! Im not a big blog girl so Im not sure how often Ill get to this, however I will try. Thanks for following us to the new location.


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